Cool Tono


Cool Tono

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#1: size 6 >>> Nevada turquoise, onyx and sterling silver. The boarding pattern has been oxidized to bring out the detail in the design. face measures 45mm x 17mm

#2: size 6.25/ 6.5 >>> two very different Royston turquoise stone and sterling silver. This piece has a zigzag bezel with handcrafted silver ingots and a double band ring shank. face measures 40 x 20mm

#3: size 6.5 >>> Godber turquoise and sterling silver. The ring has a scalloped pattern bezel with a dot and twisted silver pattern on the surrounding metal. face measures 32mm x 12mm

#4: size 7 >>> Nevada turquoise oval stone cradled in a zigzag edge bezel. Detailed with silver pebble and ingots.  face measure  30mm x 22mm. face measures 35mm x 14mm

#5: size 7.5 >>> Made from Stormy Mountain turquoise stone. This piece has a scalloped bezel, a pebble detail and a wide double band ring shank. face measures 29 x 17mm

#6: size 6.75/7 >>> Wrap style ring with a sleeping beauty turquoise stone and a hammered detail on the band. stone face measures 6mm

#7: size 6.5 >>> Sterling silver and turquoise. The bezel are fine silver with flora like detailing. face measures 21mm in diameter

#8: size 5 >>> Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone set in sterling silver. The shadow box ring has a hand cut and hammered design with a half round ring shank. face measures 20mm in diameter

#9: size 6 >>> Nevada turquoise and has been set in sterling silver. The ring has a zigzag bezel and hand etched pattern on the surrounding metal. face  measures 25mm x 15mm

#10: size 6 >>> This modern flat top signet style beauty is comprised from a solid sterling heavy gauge base. Detailed with a 6mm natural turquoise stone and a hand stamped pattern.


* these are one-of-a-kind pieces, measures are approximate 

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